I am Charlotte and I am a Textile Artist


Q: How did you decide to become an artist/maker?….is art something you have always been interested in? 

A:  I have always been interested in Art and Textiles, I went to Art College for Four years that was the beginning of my journey.

Q: Can you describe your work to someone who may not be familiar with it or not seen it before? 

A:  I make Paper out of Bamboo Fibres, I Dye it first, then I make the paper collaging the design into the paper as I make it. Then the piece dries for about a week, then I work on it again, it is a long process.

Q: When creating a piece do you already have a vision of what you want to create, or do you normally let the ideas develop organically?  What or who inspires you? 

A:  I have a vision of the finished piece before I start, mostly it comes out that way sometimes even better.  I have been inspired by lots of things on Instagram during the Lockdown, I have bought some work from Orla Keily and Ken Eardley and really enjoyed using the pieces in some compositions.

Q: What is it about the textiles that excites you the most? 

A:  All of it excites me.

Q: How do you know when a piece is done and is there ever the temptation to keep working on it? 

A:  Most of the time I just know but sometimes I do too much and then take a bit off when it is still wet.

Q: We all know that COVID-19 has heavily affected the self-employed, especially in the creative sector – how have you had to adapt, and what are you most looking forward to once restrictions are lifted? 

A: I have used Facebook and Instagram more than normal and mailing out to clients every 4 to 6 weeks at the moment.  My website has been so successful in this time.

Q: What was the best advice ever given to you as an artist, and following on from that what piece of advice would you, in turn, give to someone else? 

A:  One of my College friends gave me a lot of advice about Instagram.  Telling me to put more hashtags in and finding my market.  I have helped her with advice on Greetings Cards in return.